Freeze-dried fragrant miso soup Echigo white miso
Freeze-dried Fragrant Miso Soup Echigo White Miso
  • Niigata
Echigoichi Corporation
G S Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Dried
  • Artificial
Internal Capacity
Per 1kg
Airport of Origin
Narita International Airport (NRT)
Delivery Type
Room Temperature
  • 8.5g x 40 pieces
    [Saba and soy are recommended items for food labeling that contain allergens. The mackerel is listed as soybean in the batch display. "
    Expiration date: 12 months from production
    How to Save: Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Use up the opened individual package at once.
    1. Discerning miso soup made by miso soup stock manufacturer.
    A miso soup made with freeze-dried fragrance, which allows you to enjoy full-fledged taste simply by pouring hot water.
    The color of the ingredients, the texture is good, and the taste of the ingredients and the soup stock make the white miso so easy.
    2. Discerning raw materials
    Miso ... Uses Echigoichi miso "no additive Echigo white miso".
    Echigo-white miso with a refreshing taste of rice koji, prepared with Akita prefecture's ryuho soybeans, domestic rice and salt.
    Odashi is supervised by the Odashi specialty store “Kyo, then Uneno”, and uses the original Japanese natural soup with a rich flavor blended to match Echigo's white miso.
    Bonito, bonito, dried kelp, and dried shiitake mushrooms combined with exquisite ingredients.
    Ingredients: Use Chinese cabbage, long onion, trefoil, wakame (all domestic).
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Echigoichi Corporation
Producer's comment
It is built with the belief of making miso that has been passed down from generation to generation and thanks to everyone.
Producer Story

Echigoichi Corporation

Takiya Town, Nagaoka City 1340

I want to be the best in Echigo in terms of quality, not shipments.
With such a wish, the trade name was changed to “Echigoichi Miso”.
Without relying on machinery as much as possible, such as changes in weather and temperature, the state of raw materials,
Respond to various changes sensitively and take care.

Good quality, safe and secure delicious miso with hygiene and attention to fermentation and aging
I will continue to nurture compassion.
How to make it back to the past, domestic ingredients and additive-free miso.
Echigoichi miso of delicious miso.