What is "OrioN Port"?

OrioN Port is a site where you can compare and purchase fish, meat,
vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients throughout Japan.
The Japanese Central Web Market place for the world.

特徴01“OrioN Port” is not a mail order site

How to import from the
mail order site
  • We have to go through a lot of process before the food items from Japan arrive to overseas.
  • It takes time to make an invoice, and packing list.
  • For small orders, logistics costs also increase.
How to import from “OrioN Port”
  • We do the process until import using the WEB, so costs decrease.
  • ”OrioN Port” is a collaboration with regional trading companies, so logistics costs decrease.
OrioN Portでの輸入

特徴02Holding exhibition every day

Treating Japanese fresh foods in real time everyday.