Three kinds of crab together miso
Three Kinds Of Crab Together Miso
  • Niigata
Echigoichi Corporation
G S Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Salty
Internal Capacity
Per 3kg
Airport of Origin
Narita International Airport (NRT)
Delivery Type
Room Temperature
  • 450g x 6 pieces
    [Soybeans are recommended food labels that contain allergens. It is listed as soybean in the batch display]
    Expiration date: 5 months from manufacture
    How to Save: Store away from direct sunlight. To preserve the color and flavor of the miso, please store it in the refrigerator after opening.
    1. Three kinds of raw koji were made from rice, barley, and soybeans from Niigata Prefecture, mixed and fermented and aged at the time of preparation.
    The salt used is "Hiragane Manufacturing Okinawa Sea Salt (Blue Sea)". The miso has a prominence of 16%, and “salmon and fermenting power” is the leading role.
    2. Harmonious taste is brought about by the decomposition power of three kinds of koji. Good balance of sweetness, taste and richness, fruity and refreshing from fermentation
    A fragrance is a feature. Suitable for miso soup that is easy to melt and moist. In addition, the candy with plenty is soft and you can enjoy it as it is.
    It goes well with warm rice and raw vegetables.
    3. This miso is an additive-free miso that is not heat-sterilized. Since yeast and enzymes are alive,
    It is easy to discolor, and miso tends to become a layer containing air in the cup.
    4. Satisfies the “no additive” criteria. Additive-free means brewing only with soybeans, rice, salt, gonococcus, and fermenting bacteria, carryover with other raw materials,
    No processing aids are used.
    5. The fair mark (National Miso Fair Trade Council Membership Card) can be displayed on products that are recognized as having been properly displayed in compliance with the “Fair Competition Rules for the Display of Miso”.
  • Orders placed from Monday to Friday will be shipped to the local airport on Wednesday next week.
    * For orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, orders will be shipped to the local airport the Wednesday after the following week.
Echigoichi Corporation
Producer's comment
It is built with the belief of making miso that has been passed down from generation to generation and thanks to everyone.
Producer Story

Echigoichi Corporation

Takiya Town, Nagaoka City 1340

I want to be the best in Echigo in terms of quality, not shipments.
With such a wish, the trade name was changed to “Echigoichi Miso”.
Without relying on machinery as much as possible, such as changes in weather and temperature, the state of raw materials,
Respond to various changes sensitively and take care.

Good quality, safe and secure delicious miso with hygiene and attention to fermentation and aging
I will continue to nurture compassion.
How to make it back to the past, domestic ingredients and additive-free miso.
Echigoichi miso of delicious miso.