Sweet potato
Sweet Potato
  • Niigata
Echigoichi Corporation
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Per 3kg
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Narita International Airport (NRT)
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Room Temperature
  • 250g x 12 pieces

    1. Kojihikari rice from Minamiuonuma is slowly saccharified at a temperature of less than 60 degrees Celsius to produce a “sweet potato” that resembles Amazake. The natural sweetness of rice
    It is a traditional rice bran seasoning made by mixing the extracted “sweet potato” and salt.

    2. The rice koji made by miso shop has a strong sweetness for koji for red miso and a refreshing sweetness for white koji.
    This product is characterized by the deep sweetness of the candy that brings out both of them.

    3. In addition to being used as a substitute for salt, vegetables, meat, and fish can be pickled, sprinkled or mixed.
    In addition, you can enjoy various arrangements for soups and pots.
    The salty taste adds a bit of sweetness and the richness makes the recipe wider.
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    * For orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, orders will be shipped to the local airport the Wednesday after the following week.
Echigoichi Corporation
Producer's comment
It is built with the belief of making miso that has been passed down from generation to generation and thanks to everyone.
Producer Story

Echigoichi Corporation

Takiya Town, Nagaoka City 1340

I want to be the best in Echigo in terms of quality, not shipments.
With such a wish, the trade name was changed to “Echigoichi Miso”.
Without relying on machinery as much as possible, such as changes in weather and temperature, the state of raw materials,
Respond to various changes sensitively and take care.

Good quality, safe and secure delicious miso with hygiene and attention to fermentation and aging
I will continue to nurture compassion.
How to make it back to the past, domestic ingredients and additive-free miso.
Echigoichi miso of delicious miso.