Yukiwakamaru 5 years × 2 rice mills from Yamagata Prefecture
Yukiwakamaru 5 years × 2 rice mills from Yamagata Prefecture
Yukiwakamaru 5 years × 2 rice mills from Yamagata Prefecture
Yukiwakamaru 5 Years × 2 Rice Mills From Yamagata Prefecture
New brand rice from Yamagata Prefecture that made its full debut since 2018.
This is a varieties that can feel a large and firm grain with the new word “food texture” as the slogan, and has gained special A in the 30-year taste ranking. Because it has a solid texture, it can be used for fried rice, curry, pilaf, etc. You may be addicted to an unprecedented “new texture”!
Delivery information
Internal Capacity Per 10kg
Production area
Producer Limited company Kokubun
Tag Fresh No preservatives
Airport of Origin Narita International Airport (NRT)
Delivery Type Room Temperature
Exporter KOKUBUN Inc.
Orders placed from Monday to Friday will be shipped to the local airport on Wednesday next week.
* For orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, orders will be shipped to the local airport the Wednesday after the following week.
Producer Story
Limited company Kokubun
Ohanazawa 83
From sales of agricultural materials such as fertilizers, we support growth research of rice, collection of rice after harvesting rice and producers all year round, and we support delicious rice and vegetable making. Rice is collected only from reliable producers who know how to grow and face, and its rice inspectors grade it, and Rice Meister checks the quality while using a taste meter. In addition, because we store in a low temperature warehouse, you can deliver high quality rice even in summer. Please enjoy the gems of the rice fields created by the blessings of nature and the commitment of local producers.
Limited company Kokubun

Important rice to get in your mouth. The rice sold at Kokubun store deals only with rice where the faces of the local producers can be seen, and we use those selected by our own farm inspectors and rice meisters, so you can enjoy with confidence. You

In fact, the taste of rice is completely different depending on the soil of the same variety.
You can understand the geology of the area and choose delicious rice from the ground because it is a well-established store in a rural area.

In Kokbun store, it starts from the sale of the superior species. Seeing whether there is any abnormality in the seedlings in the seedling raising period (Seeing data accumulated in tablets every year and dealing with various cases from past data)-Since planted in rice fields Also observe the condition of rice and advise on the amount of fertilizer required-At the time of rice harvesting, collect rice from 1 producers around one house-The collected rice is inspected by its own farm inspector, I keep it in a low temperature warehouse carefully until it reaches you.