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OrioN Portとは? OrioN Portとは?

Hawaii, Japan Okinawa

Okinawa is warm all year round, and it is warm and comfortable in winter so that it does not drop below 10℃. There are 37 manned islands in the prefecture, and you can see the beautiful blue sea from any of the islands at any time. As for food, there are many unique and tasty dishes such as “Champuru” and “Okinawa soba” that use ingredients such as goya, pork, and southern fish.

OrioN Portとは? OrioN Portとは?

Okinawan unknown products

When it comes to Okinawa, the sea and sightseeing are the most famous, but in fact, there are local foods from Okinawa that are not yet known.
There are many.
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