• Oita Prefecture Community-based Trading Company EC Market

    We introduce and sell carefully selected specialty products of Kunisaki.
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Oita community-based trading company

Unexplored area, Kunisaki. The Kunisaki Peninsula that juts out in the northeastern part of Oita Prefecture. The country-based trading company located in the easternmost part of the country is East Country Market, commonly known as EC Market. The EC market, which has its own procurement route that is directly connected to the local producers who can see the face, utilizes its network to introduce and sell fresh products and carefully selected Kunisaki special products.

OrioN Portとは? OrioN Portとは?

Oita's phantom fish handled by EC Market

Seki mackerel, Seki mackerel (Seki mackerel) (Seki horse mackerel) is a member of the Ogaso Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Saga Seki branch (fisherman) caught a single line off the coast of Saga Seki (Bungo Suido, Seto no Sato) in Oita prefecture. It is a horse mackerel and a mackerel. The firm and firm taste and the taste that melts in your mouth are called exquisite mackerel mackerel with a delicious taste that you will never forget once you eat.

OrioN Portとは? OrioN Portとは?

The secret of the finest taste is "living"

The fish transported to the harbor are calmed by the nets in the harbor, and then carefully treated as "living". "Kikimememe" means removing the nerves from a fish, inserting a kitchen knife to cut the spinal cord, removing blood, and cooling with salt water (seawater containing ice). It requires a high level of skill and labor because everything is done manually, but this work keeps the fish alive. This "refreshing" treatment is a treatment that you can enjoy while still swimming in the sea. Since it is healthy and has a good freshness, it has little odor that is peculiar to blue fish, and you will be impressed by its excellent taste.