The natural seaweed in Oita

“Inochigake seaweed” grow in naturally in Kunisaki peninsula, Oita-ken. It inhabits areas off the coast up to a depth of 1km.

To catch it
with lifeline.

The sea area fast a tide because there are raging wave from Bungo channel to the Insland Sea, so fisherman must devices the lifeline to make a dive for collecting seaweeds.


The first drying method in Japan.

The natural seaweeds are preserved in salt and is instantly passed through hot water in a minutes. After that, it is dried by cord air dryer that is the first drying method in Japan. That can keep a pleasant flavor of seaweed.

The product description
of Japanese natural seaweeds is only 0.2% in Japanese Market.
Japanese natural seaweed is here!