The natural
sea bream in Oita.

They grow in offshore 10~30km from Musashi fishing port in Kunisaki peninsula, Oita-ken.

GOCHIAMI fishing

“Musashi sea bream” is caught only by specialists in sea bream fisherman who know the drift of the tide, behaviors of sea bream, and fishing place. The name of fishing is “GOCHIAMI fishing”. The different from trawlnet fishery is that sea bream is to be catch in a net time a few minutes, so sea bream are landing alive.

“Musashi sea bream” is here!

Polite air bleed
one by one

We take air bleed for sea bream politely one by one. Because it stomach to swell by water pressure change.

Using ikejime for it,
because we hope to deliver fish meat fresh and delicious
“Musashi sea bream” to the world.
Fresh “Musashi sea bream” is here!