Frozen boiled snow crab leg 3 L
Frozen boiled snow crab leg 3 L
Frozen boiled snow crab leg 3 L
Frozen Boiled Snow Crab Leg 3 L
We selected and processed carefully selected snow crab at our designated plant in Hokkaido.
It is cooked boiled and can be easily eaten just by thawing.
The snow crab has a head when it is in shape, and a section (from the shoulder to the foot) that is full is recommended when considering the edible part.
The standard is 7 to 9 in 2 kg in 3 liters.
In addition, it is most suitable for a gift with a cosmetic box one by one.
※ Since the foot of the foot is easy to break, but may break during transportation due to the nature of the product, please understand.
How to eat, how to use
It is also possible to thaw water but natural thawing is recommended. By thawing the box with a refrigerator, you can enjoy it without missing the taste of salmon.
In addition to natural thawing, it is also delicious when used for grilled dishes and pot dishes.
Raw materials: Russia (processed at a factory in Hokkaido)
Expiration date: 2 years from production
How to save: Store at -18 ° C or lower, please use as soon as possible after thawing.
Cautions on use: Tenchi no use, handling caution
Delivery information
Internal Capacity Per 6kg
Production area
Producer Sapporo Yamaguchi Co., Ltd.
Tag Frozen
Airport of Origin New Chitose Airport (CTS)
Delivery Type Frozen
Exporter Good Select Japan Co.,Ltd.
Orders placed from Monday to Friday will be shipped to the local airport on Wednesday next week.
* For orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, orders will be shipped to the local airport the Wednesday after the following week.
Producer Story
Sapporo Yamaguchi Co., Ltd.
Sapporo City Nishi Ward Hakken 3 Article East 5-6
We make salmon as main product in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido and do wholesale business of marine products in general.
Tsubaki handles live, chilled and frozen, and direct shipment from producers and to Sapporo Central Wholesale Market every morning.
As we go for buying, we handle fresh fish.