Domestic red meat melon sorbet
Domestic Red Meat Melon Sorbet
Domestic fruit generously, lots of sherbet.
Carefully selected seasonal fruits with professional eyes of fruits, more than 40% of the ingredients of sherbet consists of fruits in its season.
It is a unique process that does not add heat to fruits themselves, you can taste the taste of the seasons without losing the flavor and nutritional value of the fruits.
In order to make full use of the taste of nature, it is made without using any coloring agent, artificial flavor, preservative, artificial sweetener or antioxidant.
This product is a little bit different from the sherbet so far, boasting natural sweetness and elegant taste that boasts the fruits that seasoned by professional eye candy to the limit, boasting sherbet.
We are also preparing for business type bat type. (2L, 4L type)
Delivery information
Internal Capacity Per 14kg
Production area
Producer Country of Wood Co., Ltd. / Strong Heart Co., Ltd.
Tag Sweet Frozen No preservatives Seasonal
Airport of Origin Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type Frozen
Exporter Strong Heart Co.,LTD
Please store at -18 ℃ or less.
Monday to Friday order will be delivered to the local airport the following Wednesday.
※ On Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays for holidays orders will be delivered to local airport on Wednesday the following next week.
Producer Story
Country of Wood Co., Ltd. / Strong Heart Co., Ltd.
Arita-gun Hirokawa Machihiro 596
1. Pro-carefully selected delicious material

Eyes to examine fruits are strengths!
The professional group that can interact with fruits and the products developed and purchased from purchase are all proud commodities spreading luxuriously in the mouth with the original flavor, texture, coloring and seasonal feeling of fruits!

A fruit wholesale store that lasts 200 years
I found it as a fruit wholesaler at the end of the Edo period, I have confidence in the eyes that handled fruit as fruit wholesaler in about 200 years!
Process ripe fruits
In order to deliver the deliciousness of "season" difficult to determine, choose suitable ripe fruits. There are seasons in the fruits, even if the fruits are on the market for one month, there are only about ten days when the fruits are really delicious due to weather and other factors. We intend to purchase the fruit in delicious times, wait until it becomes ripe and do the processing. Therefore, sweetness and aroma remain as characteristics after processing.

2. Frozen processing to taste season

Mature fruit special vacuum pack Since it is frozen after processing, it will be possible to trap and deliver the seasonal taste of fruit without missing it.

3. High quality standards

Thorough hygiene management and efficient process
Thorough quality control: introduction of quality control system equivalent to HACCP
Regularization of bacteria testing: stool inspection, falling fungus inspection
Others: Ensure thorough work diary, thorough production certificate of production area and daily work diaries