Mollys Hokkaido Furano lavender pork premium bacon
Mollys Hokkaido Furano Lavender Pork Premium Bacon
  • Hokkaido
Yasufumi Ohmori
  • No preservatives
  • Fresh
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Per 2kg
Airport Of Origin
New Chitose Airport (CTS)
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  • Brand pork "Lavender Pork" bred in the natural environment of Mt. Katsumakeyama located in the mountains of Hikkaido, Daisetsuyama * Original spice blended with more than 10 types of herbs from French gerandic salt sticking to Kamifurana farming pigs Used, made for 20 days ice warm aged and made with cherry chips and Bincho charcoat carefully, made in 2018 "hospitality selection" award winning item. A genuine-oriented "Mollys smoke" that pulled out a mellow flavor with its own recipe. Juicy and exquisite balance of sweetness and richness is exquisite. The content is a set of two pieces of blocks of about 800 g or more. * The box is an image image.
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Yasufumi Ohmori
Producer's comment
We will deliver the safest and safest food ingredients in the world from Hokkaido to everyone.
Producer Story

Yasufumi Ohmori

Koko Nishi-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 2, 7 - chome 2 - 18 Kotomari Building

"Smoking made from salt, smoke and herbs is no longer art."
Twenty years ago. I met him in Hokkaido with a delicious bacon that I never ate before.
Then, I got the edge a couple of years ago, I learned to make smoked sauce from the master.
Currently, we are exploring the world of smoked making while keeping teaching of the teacher.
What you cherish is "to interact with the material". As ripening progresses, salty taste, seasoning and moisture will change as well. And, with all my heart full of mind that it will become a deep and mellow taste, I will immerse in that world.
Smoked making is the art of salt, smoke and herbs. Hopefully we will be able to satisfy all of you, I want to calm the sensibility calmly.