Scarlet cray crab
Scarlet cray crab
Scarlet cray crab
Scarlet cray crab
Scarlet cray crab
Scarlet Cray Crab
  • Tottori
SC Tottori Co., Ltd. (J.league Guinare Tottori)
  • Fresh
  • Sweet
  • No preservatives
  • From the sea
Internal Capacity
Per 13kg
Airport Of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
  • Red crimson crabs boiled completed frozen 30 pieces set

    · Features · · · · There is sweetness, crab with a lot of water and the shell is soft. There is no parasite because it is a deep-sea fish.
    · Fishery · · · basketball (sink a fishing gear with a basket on the ocean floor for about 2 days, wait for crabs to enter and raise it)
    · Ecology · · · inhabit the deep sea of ​​about 500 m to 2500 m in depth
    · Fishing season · · · September 1 to June 30 (10 months)

    · As it is: Eat thawed and eat as it is
    · Steaming sake: steamed crab's foot to liquor.
    · Frying from: chop up the torso and deep-fried. Because the shell is soft it can be eaten by the shell.
    · Crab ball: Baked with crab's egg and eggs, it is delicious even if it is sweetened with sweet vinegar.
    · Crab pot: You can deliciously deliver soup by inserting it as it is. It is delicious even if you cook rice and make rice cooked at the end.
    · Crab gratin: To the gratin in the shell of the fuselage with crab's peel and white sauce on the plate.
    · Crab vinegar: crab and vinegar, sugar germ
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    * For orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays, orders will be shipped to the local airport the Wednesday after the following week.
SC Tottori Co., Ltd. (J.league Guinare Tottori)
Producer's comment
Soccer × crab = "Sacchani" is
"Gainale Tottori" Recommended red-sweet crab!

At the J League Club 'Gainale Tottori', PR is praising the local products' proud product 'Crab'!
The club headquarters · Tottori is blessed with many seafoods and mountaineering,
Among them, we recommend "Red Snow crab".
In collaboration of soccer and crab, I call it named "Sakkani" and support it.
We are cheap and tasty Red Snow crabs that we also receive,
From Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato City Direct delivery to everyone's home!
Boil in seawater immediately after landing, quick freezing so please rest assured the quality.
It is delicious as it is! It is delicious even for fried chicken and gratin, hot pot!
Please relish "Sakkani" which we recommend.
Producer Story

SC Tottori Co., Ltd. (J.league Guinare Tottori)

Tokyo Office: Kyobashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 3-6-12 Sakaei Building 6th Floor Co., Ltd. S · P · Service In charge: Abe

"Gakinare Tottori" Recommended "Sakkani",
We also eat and play healthily!

In local Tottori, "Red Zwai crab" which I ate instead of snacks.
Tottori prefecture is said to be "Crab Town", putting effort into the crab industry to prefecture, boasting the largest amount of crabs landing in Japan.
About that amount, about 100,000 cups every day!

In the past, however, there were many landings but management methods were not maintained,
It was not distributed to famous Japanese markets.
Quality control has been thoroughly now, not as a processed item, but it has become possible to distribute to Japan all over the country as a whole figure of figures. I would like to taste such sweet and delicious crab not only in Japan but also in Asian people.

Crimson crabs inhabiting the deep sea of ​​about 500 m to 2500 m in depth are landing by the crab fishing method.
The crab fishing method is a system that can catch only the grown male crab, so it will be landing a lot every day.
Scarlet crabs inhabiting the deep sea have a lot of water content, strong sweetness, and characteristic of crab's original dark taste.
Therefore, it is often used for processed goods.

Also from the characteristics inhabited by the deep sea, the shell is soft and easy to put out crabs.
Even if it is deep-fried with a shell, it is unique to a crimson crab.
It is also suitable for pan and miso soup because the original taste of crab is strong.

Players of the J League "Gainale Tottori" are also putting their strengths by eating the local Red Snow Crab!

Former Japan delegate J.league Gainale Tottori present GM's Okano Masayuki
We support fishermen from local Tottori Saiko!

SC Tottori Co., Ltd. (J.league Guinare Tottori)

SC Tottori Co., Ltd. (J.league Guinare Tottori)