(8 g × 20)Boiled Soup Stock
(8 G × 20)Boiled Soup Stock
  • Nagasaki
Nagata food
G S Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Dried
  • Artificial
Internal Capacity
Per 35kg
Airport of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
Room Temperature
  • It is pack of 100% powder of Nagasaki.

    After burning Nagasaki-made Nibasaki, we burned it further and made it fragrant.
    Children in the growing season, including essential calcium, important nutrients are packed naturally.

    After taking out the soup stock there are lots of nutrients such as calcium and minerals
    Even if you add it to your dish you can also taste it.

    【This item will be sold in 2 boxes or more】
  • Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by October 28, 2019
Nagata food
Producer's comment
Cherished baked chin carefully and 100% domestically produced material,
While watching the temperature and humidity on that day, we finished each one gently.

【This item will be sold in 2 boxes or more】

The standard per bag is 8 g × 20
The number of entries per box is 90

Expiration date The normal temperature 365 days
Producer Story

Nagata food

Hirado City Okubocho No. 326 105