Aquaculture Tuna Dorsal Lean
Aquaculture Tuna Dorsal Lean
  • Nagasaki
Hakata Fisherman's Village, Inc.
G S Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Fresh
  • From the sea
Internal Capacity
Per 1kg
Airport of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
  • We will deliver fresh fish aquaculture tuna that will be top class by thorough quality control.
    In the red part of the dorsal side, it is called the morning body along the middle bone.
    Because it is a rare site with almost no streaks, it is not commonly distributed in general.
    It is a delicious part with mellow texture.
    Please enjoy the really luxurious gem which is regarded as a high-end part even in the lean of tuna.
  • Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by October 28, 2019
Hakata Fisherman's Village, Inc.
Producer's comment
Standard: about 1 kg
Origin: Nagasaki
Delivery and storage temperature zone: refrigerated
Producer Story

Hakata Fisherman's Village, Inc.

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