Aquaculture Tuna Meat around the gill
Aquaculture Tuna Meat around the gill
Aquaculture Tuna Meat Around The Gill
  • Nagasaki
GS Japan Co., Ltd.
G S Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Fresh
  • From the sea
Internal Capacity
Per 3kg
Airport of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
  • We will deliver fresh fish aquaculture tuna that will be top class by thorough quality control.

    It is the part near the neck of tuna, Ella.
    It is a very tasty part but it is considered a rare site because it can only take two from one.
    The bear has few lean leaves, and the body with it is called Camarro and has plenty of fat.
    Many body with greasy stuff are attached more than large toro.

    This item will be depleted.
  • Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by October 21, 2019
GS Japan Co., Ltd.
Producer's comment
Standard: about 3 kg
Origin: Nagasaki
Delivery and storage temperature zone: refrigerated
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GS Japan Co., Ltd.

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