(About 4 - 5 kg) Livestock farming Kanpachi
(About 4 - 5 Kg) Livestock Farming Kanpachi
  • Kagoshima
PCX International Corporation
PCX International Co.,Ltd.
  • Fresh
  • From the sea
Internal Capacity
Per 5kg
Airport Of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
  • [This item will be delivered in about 4 to 5 kg]

    We will deliver fresh fish farming kanpachi by thorough quality control.
    Lifestyle can keep the fish fresh and delicious with Japanese technology.

    It is a white fish with a good fat, tightened and sweet with fat.
    It is characterized by a transparent feeling of tight body and there is not much grease like gully
    There is good quality taste and elegant taste with a good texture.

    You can taste sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu and teriyaki.
  • Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by September 02, 2019
PCX International Corporation
Producer's comment
【This item will be delivered in about 4 ~ 5 kg】

Standard: about 4 ~ 5kg
Origin: Kagoshima et al.
Delivery and storage temperature zone: refrigerated
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