(About 4 - 5 kg) Livestock farming Kanpachi
(About 4 - 5 Kg) Livestock Farming Kanpachi
[This item will be delivered in about 4 to 5 kg]

We will deliver fresh fish farming kanpachi by thorough quality control.
Lifestyle can keep the fish fresh and delicious with Japanese technology.

It is a white fish with a good fat, tightened and sweet with fat.
It is characterized by a transparent feeling of tight body and there is not much grease like gully
There is good quality taste and elegant taste with a good texture.

You can taste sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu and teriyaki.
Delivery information
Internal Capacity Per 5kg
Production area
Producer Hakata Fisherman's Village, Inc.
Tag Fresh From the sea
Airport of Origin Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type Refrigerated
Exporter Good Select Japan Co.,Ltd.
Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by December 23, 2019
Producer Story
Hakata Fisherman's Village, Inc.
Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 3 chome 11 address 3