(About 4 ~ 5 ㎏) Aquaculture Yellow Tail
  • Kagoshima
PCX International Corporation
PCX International Co.,Ltd.
  • Fresh
  • From the sea
Internal Capacity
Per 5kg
Airport Of Origin
Haneda International Airport (HND)
Delivery Type
  • [This item will be delivered in about 4 to 5 kg]

    We will deliver fresh fish cultured yellowtail through thorough quality control.
    Lifestyle can keep the fish fresh and delicious with Japanese technology.

    There is no smell with refreshing taste, you can feel moderate crunch. Sashimi and Teriyaki, it is a delicious fish when it is cooked.
    When you sashimi you not only eat with a refreshing flavor as it is compared with a rich flavorful rich flavor plenty of plenty
    Carpaccio and marinade, even if pickled, it fits well and you can eat lovely.
    There are various cooking methods such as sashimi, sushi material, teriyaki, and boiling.
PCX International Corporation
Producer's comment
【This item will be delivered in about 4 ~ 5 kg】

Standard: about 4 ~ 5kg
Origin: Kagoshima et al.
Delivery and storage temperature zone: refrigerated
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