Herring Jerky (Spicy)
Herring Jerky (Spicy)
Herring Jerky (Spicy)
Herring Jerky (Spicy)
Herring Jerky (Spicy)
Delivery information
Internal Capacity Per 3kg
\ 210 Pack (\ 5,250 / kg)
Production area
Producer Ihara & Company, Ltd.
Tag From the sea Frozen Spicy Dried
Airport of Origin New Chitose Airport (CTS)
Delivery Type Frozen
Exporter Ihara & Company, Ltd.
Orders placed on or before Monday will be shipped by March 02, 2020
Producer Story
Ihara & Company, Ltd.
1-Chome, Funaba-cho, Rumoi-shi 24
We are a seafood processing company focused on salted kazunoko.
Our superlative roe and roe herring are imported from Canada and Alaska, and processed with our industry leading craftsmanship.
With our biggest market in the Kansai area, our salted kazunoko is sold in markets worldwide, branded with the famous Yamani name.
Ihara & Company, Ltd.

A staple for New Year’s- kazunoko. Packed with DHA and EPA, this superfood suppresses obesity, improves blood sugar levels and blood lipid levels while elevating memory and learning ability, and is actually extremely low in purines. Not only highly appreciated for its delicious taste, kazunoko should be consumed daily for optimal health.

Yamani’s kazunoko is made from the finest roe and roe herring, caught in the North American Pacific, widely regarded as the prime area for herring. With exceptional attention to hygiene management, our kazunoko is carefully selected one by one by our skilled, experienced employees. We strive to put our customers’ minds at ease with our superior products through double and triple checks.

For our valuable customers, every day we research to develop new products. From top grade gifts to everyday consumables, we offer a varied line of products that will fit your needs perfectly.

Ihara & Company, Ltd.

Our home office looks out over the Rumoi River. In 1999, we were the first in Hokkaido to receive HACCP certification for the production of kazunoko. Protecting Japan’s culinary culture, we strive to create harmony between nature and industry, progressing towards a richer society.

Ihara & Company, Ltd.

In July 2002, our Sapporo Branch Office/Hoshimi Plant in Zenibako, Otaru-shi was completed. With customer satisfaction our number one priority, we received ISO9001 certification and diligently work towards complete control of quality. With our customers’ trust in us thus far and in the future, we work hard to offer a wide range of services to fill their diverse needs.